Saturday, September 26, 2009


a long long week with so many things happening and me being way to lazy to blog about it.
this post will have no pictures (yes boo at me), but I already uploaded the best pictures on

Chengde and The Great Wall:
the trip to chengde was awesome! first we went to climb the great wall and I have to say that it really is Great. and tiresome.
well, chengde itself is not so interesting, the town looks really poor and deserted. to tell the truth, we were prepared for everything, even took toilet paper with us. but the hotel was really nice, even better than some of our apartments so we thought we don't want to go back to beijing!
the next day we went to see some temples and the summer palace. beautiful places, though very tiresome sometimes. to many stairs there!
and on sunday we went to see the "cockrock". well, it's a mountain which looks kinda like a morning wood haha, but well, don't know it's proper name...

well, the week afterwards was less exciting at first. got a try on an old hsk test and lost all our hope of ever passing it. ever.

and got to know richard-sshi haha. oh why oh why do you have a girlfriend?...have to work on this one haha
anyway, went to karaoke again yesterday and spend the whole night in a cafe talking. interesting to talk to a korean who lived here for so long. kudos to him for enduring 4 drunk girls a whole night. and people, soju is a scary thing! me became to open and to direct. well, nothing to loose anyway.
and why are so many asian so good at karaoke? it was so embarrassing to sing in front of him since he is so damn good.

oh, and I had my had cut. the hairstylist was korean so my friend could translate for me. am super happy, the cut really looks asian, so different from german style and yet it is similar to the one I had before. only much better. love it. and the way he was cutting my hair was also pretty different. my first time a hairstylist didn't scratch my ears with the hairbrush.

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