Wednesday, September 30, 2009

we are allowed to get sick from now on

my first time at a chinese hospital. I survived.
interesting experience, which unfortunately had to be made since my stomach gave up on me yesterday.
I decided against going into an international hospital simply because it would have costed me a fortune. everybody told me to prepare 1000 kuai (100 euro) in advance. and it was a good decision to go to a chinese hospital.
huge hospital, little yue. felt really lost after going in, so I went directly to the information counter. "Ni hui shuo yingyu ma?" (do you speak english?) of course the answer was no, but well. a month here and we already know all important words about stomach problems. yay for poor us!
anyway, not understanding much where to go and what to do I made my puppy look and the girl took on the quest of helping me around. first to one counter to make a card, then to the other to get send to a doc, then the actual doc.
the patient before me had to play the interpreter. nice girl too. after some broken chinese on my part and broken english on her part the doctor send me to take a blood sample and some urine sample. I was afraid I will have to come again in a few days to get the results, but well, in this aspect china just rocks compared to germany. 30 minutes later and voilĂ  I had my results and we were on the way to the doc again, who prescribed me some medicine.
a lot of thanks to the girl who were running with me through the whole hospital (a lot of staring from other patients who have to do the running on their own) and to the doctor and the girl, who helped translating.
for everything I paid altogether ~170 kuai (17 euro) and now I know I am allowed to get sick and I will get super treatment without being a chinese (maybe even better treatment because I am not chinese) and without going to a fancy international hospital.

though I still don't know what my problem is since nobody bothered to tell me.
after googling the medicine I assume it is either an infection because of something I have eaten or mild form of cystitis or both. probably both. but well, at least the medicine seems to be used for treating both cases.

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